Treasures of the Sea / Jūras nauda

We are happy to announce, that our poetic documentary, Treasures of the Sea, will be screened after the Riga opening at several festivals in Europe. At the Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel 2014 it won the prize for the best documentary short film. Also the jury of the wonderful Watchout! Film Festival in Tetovo (Macedonia) decided to award our movie for best short documentary. And last but not least the Short on Work Festival in Modena decided to award our poetic movie with the first price. What will be next?

Director Astra Zoldnere

DOP: Ron Rosenberg Edit: Astrida Konstante Producer: Liga Gaisa "Air productions" Thanks to: Filmfonds Schleswig-Holstein Ars Baltica State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia